Commercial Umbrella Insurance for Engineers

At ANCO, we know that a commercial umbrella policy is valuable coverage to have. We also know that many contracts you sign now require you to have this coverage in place.

Independent insurance agent Gina O’Hara has been handling insurance and advocating for engineering firms in Texas and across the United States for years. ANCO Insurance is also known as one of the top 100 independent insurance agencies in the country.

We know insurance, and we know what risks you face that can put you out of business.

Two Common Reasons Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

There are two general reasons that lead engineers to obtaining umbrella policies:

  • Contractual obligations: It is fairly commonplace for a client to require its engineering firm to carry umbrella insurance.
  • Auto accidents: Most engineering firms are not aware that they should have had umbrella insurance until one of their employees gets into an auto accident while on the job. They often think their commercial auto policy will be enough. But the limits for medical bills and injury quickly become exhausted in situations where there was more than one person involved in the accident or in situations of serious accidents that lead to life-threatening injuries or the loss of life. At that point, any excess costs will come straight out of the business’s bank account—unless there is an umbrella policy in place that can step in to take over coverage.

For these reasons alone, we encourage all of our engineering clients to obtain umbrella insurance.

Get Umbrella Insurance Before It’s Too Late

Do not be that engineering firm that only purchases umbrella insurance because they have already experienced a harrowing financial loss due to an even more harrowing auto accident. Get the umbrella liability coverage you will need for potential contracts down the road, and then keep it in place.

Call ANCO to Request a Tailored Umbrella Policy Quote

Call our Austin, Texas, independent agency at (888) 275-2626, extension 6324, to discuss commercial umbrella insurance for your engineering firm. We also welcome email inquiries. Our engineers’ insurance agent, Gina O’Hara, will happily provide you with a no-obligation quote and discuss any other potential coverages that may benefit your business.

  • Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions Insurance for Engineering Firms or
    Sole Proprietors
  • Commercial Package Policy for General
    Liability, Property & Equipment
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Umbrella

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